Questions on your G.E. (Caddx / Interlogix) System

My Service Light Is On:

    On the NX-4, NX-6, NX-8, press * (star) then 2 and note which zone light is on.

    Zone 1=System Fault (press digit 1 again, see below)

      1=Over Current Fault
      2=Siren Trouble
      3=Box Tamper
      4=Expander Power
      5=Expander Low Battery
      6=Expander Box Tamper
      7=Expander Trouble
      8=Ground Fault

    Zone 2=Zone Tamper
    Zone 3=Zone Low Battery
    Zone 4=Zone Loss of Supervision
    Zone 5=Zone Trouble (press digit 5 to show zone in trouble)
    Zone 6=Telephone Fault (press digit 6 again, see below)

      6=Line Trouble/Line Cut
      7=Auxilliary Communications Device Fail

    Zone 7=Fail to Communicate
    Zone 8=Loss of System Time

The Power Light is Flashing:
  • The Standby Battery is Low.

    Check the power transformer and the outlet.
    If the power has been off, but is now back on, please allow the battery to charge for 16-24 hours. If the Low Battery indication is still present, the standby battery should be replaced.

The Keypad Chimes Whenever I Open A Door:
  • The Chime feature Is On.

    To Turn OFF:
    On the NX-4, NX-6, NX-8, press the Chime Quick Button


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